A Healthier, Safer District

With District AIRs™ (Assess-Intervene-Refer/service) you gain the most complete, proven and effective district health and safety service available.

Leading District Health Service

District AIRs is Department of Health supported, Payor reimbursed and a statute verified health encounter for all students 12 and older that includes staff. AIRs is proven to effectively identify and treat behavioral health needs and safety, district wide.

AIRs Overview

This is AIRs

AIRs is HIPAA protected so students can privately and safely share their health concerns with highly qualified providers. All students gain a direct encounter with a qualified provider. All students given a referral will have available care with a qualified service in their region.


During a normally scheduled class, students enter a designated room where they're provided a personalized, private engagement, on the FDA qualified engagement platform, Phrazer/Kitsune.


Each student is guided by and engaged with a qualified health provider. All students will accurately share their behavioral health status and those with need will begin an intervention.


Individuals who indicate acute need will have a face-to-face intervention with a provider and, where medically appropriate, will receive a qualified referral for treatment.

New knowledge and vital insights gained:
  •       •  Mental health state of all students 12~18
  •       •  Specific safety concerns
  •       •  Substance use within the district
  •       •  Detailed, specific, demographic data

Data Review

The benefits to you, your district and community

Identifying and addressing behavioral health concerns early in their progression leads to better health, safety and security. The immeasurable gains include:

  • •  Help to those many suffering in silence
  • •  Qualified provider encounter for every student and staff
  • •  destigmatizes behavioral health challenges and learned pathways to coping and help
  • •  Referral, to immediate, local help for those in need
  • •  Ongoing support of Althing expert Providers

Expert Insights

Turn-key Process

Althing guides the process from communication with the board and district to application with staff and students.

An experienced local team, specializing in AIRs district services is assigned to you to ensure a smooth, effective health event.

  • Step 1: Provide Parental Notification
  • Step 2: Confirm connectivity & logistics
  • Step 3: Provide schedule & student list
  • Step 4: Ensure staff support at event
  • Step 5: Support student health follow-up
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See how AIRs makes a difference

Materials About AIRs

Animated overviews of the AIRs process and experience:

Materials For AIRs

Process of an AIRs day:

Overview Presentation
Get Started Checklist

Testimonials & Endorsements

Endorsed: MN Hospital Association • Minnesota Department of Health • Southeast Services Cooperative • MN Trade Union

Frequently Asked Questions

State statutes empower districts to provide for the health and safety of students. In Minnesota for example statutes 121A.21 and 121A.065, specifically enable vital AIRs.

Students 12 and older are authorized to consent for AIRs. AIRs begins with a fully informed consent and opportunity for the student to proceed or decline. Parents may also opt out their student, if desired, following the district notification. For this important health service, typically fewer than 3% opt out.

MN Stat. 144.342 - 144.343

Most AIRs events have only a nominal setup cost to the district and no cost to families.

Althing Clinic will accept and or connect 100% of referrals within 1 week of service.

AIRs employs the most vetted and accepted adolescent health engagements; enhanced with modern CITE method. AIRs identifies and addresses and (where necessary) provides interventions and referrals for mental health, addiction, risky behavior, safety, stress and food insecurity among other things. AIRs engagements include direct provider oversight and interactions.

Althing fits this health services into a class period of about 50 minutes. In that time the students arrive, are matched with their health engagement Phrazer, instructed and underway. Within an average of 10 minutes the Assess portion is complete. While students who need additional time complete their AIRs engagements continue, other students move onto an informal general engagement.

No, only aggregate data is shared with the district (no individual information) The service is HIPAA protected so no individually identifiable data is accessable without a proper HIPAA request.